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Have a Very vintage Christmas

I absolutely love vintage and collectibles. The craftsmanship of everything from jewelry to furniture was so elegant and beautiful. Its very hard to find that these days. I also try and imagine the stories behind these wonderful items of old. There are some really nice reproductions you can find today if you cant find the…

Christmas Crafts and Gifts using clipart

If your on a tight budget but still want to be able to give gifts to your loved ones why not just create your own. Nothing shows more love and thoughtfulness than a handmade gift. Plus at least then your guaranteed no one else will give them the same thing 🙂 If you have a…

Printerval Website full of stolen designs.

To say Iam livid right now is an understatement. Im so tired of my art constantly getting stolen and resold by thieves! This website is loaded with art that does not belong to the people selling the products. I have found so many of my original art designs on there as well as other artists…

Bringing My Art To Life Through Animation

I really enjoy bringing life to my art. Its so much fun and so many endless possibilities. I love how there are so many cool apps and programs out there that give us the tools to be more creative. Its fun to give my art a voice and a personality. Although some of the animations…


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