Beware these fake scam phishing websites

warning sign

these are a list of websites that are fake and steal listings photos and descriptions from sellers like me and others on Etsy and other sites. They create these sites to get your financial information like credit and debit cards. They also keep the money you use to buy the fake products on their sites. WE have also bought from one of the sites and never got the product and they did not answer emails. Because they accepted paypal we were able to get our money back once i proved to Paypal it was a fake site. But many others have not been so lucky unfortunately. Before you buy from any site online put the name of the site in google and the word scam next to it and it will bring up any info google has on the websites that will tell you if its a fake site. There are also free scam detector sites that you can put the url in and they will tell you if the site is suspicious. Please avoid these fake websites at all costs. These sites also have the same fake contact email : and other fake emails and alot are hosted by

here are the fake phishing sites and i will add to the list as i find them.

Just some art graphics I designed

this is some of my art graphics i designed and have for sale on my website

abstract nude angel woman
abstract nude male angel
Gothic Clown Girl
sexy pinup girl wearing fishnet body stocking
Day Of The Dead Skull Lady
Vintage Retro style Santa Claus
beautiful plus size woman pinup girl wearing fishnet body stocking.

This is just some examples of my digital download printable graphics art designs i have available for ale on my website