Have a Very vintage Christmas

I absolutely love vintage and collectibles. The craftsmanship of everything from jewelry to furniture was so elegant and beautiful. Its very hard to find that these days. I also try and imagine the stories behind these wonderful items of old. There are some really nice reproductions you can find today if you cant find the originals. And sometimes the original ones can be a bit pricey but if you have the money and are a collector definitely worth having a part of history in all its elegance. These are some items i found and thought Id share cause they are all so cool. So here is some vintage or vintage style art, jewelry, clothing and some other fun finds i got from Bonanza small business shops πŸ™‚

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Antique cufflinks demon queen Rangda Dragon Cuff links Foo Dog Vintage Mythical

Christmas Crafts and Gifts using clipart

If your on a tight budget but still want to be able to give gifts to your loved ones why not just create your own. Nothing shows more love and thoughtfulness than a handmade gift. Plus at least then your guaranteed no one else will give them the same thing πŸ™‚ If you have a printer you can make your own cards, wall art, jewelry etc… just by using clipart and digital downloads graphics you can buy for alot less then what you would pay to buy something from the store. If you dont have a printer you can take the files to walmart or your local printer and have gifts made. Custom made gifts are always so cool. If You need some clipart or art to make your own arts and crafts click on picture links to purchase graphics.

Printerval Website full of stolen designs.

To say Iam livid right now is an understatement. Im so tired of my art constantly getting stolen and resold by thieves! This website is loaded with art that does not belong to the people selling the products. I have found so many of my original art designs on there as well as other artists designs. Something really does have to be done about sites like this. They need to be taken down!

Every single one of these t shirts has my stolen art on them and there is more products on this site with my art on them. Ive sent them a take down notice but Thats not enough that whole site needs to be taken down!

Bringing My Art To Life Through Animation

I really enjoy bringing life to my art. Its so much fun and so many endless possibilities. I love how there are so many cool apps and programs out there that give us the tools to be more creative. Its fun to give my art a voice and a personality. Although some of the animations take a long time to create I really enjoy doing it and seeing the final result. After all Life does inspire art So here is some of my animated art creations hope you enjoy them as i had so much fun creating them πŸ™‚

Witches Love Spell Peom
Kickapoo Indian Brujah With White wolf Savage Daughter song
Goddess of the Universe
Celestial Goddess
Alien Siren Song
Vampire Man Singing Chris Isaak Wicked game Song

Stickers the multi purpose craft supply

Stickers are so fun and you can use them for so many different things. They can be used in scrapbooking, decoupage and junk journals. Decorate your binders, books or use them to make jewelry. Some you can even use to decorate your walls or stick to cardboard and put them in a frame. Great for also making collage art. So many uses so little time πŸ™‚

The first stickers may date back to the ancient Egyptians. Archeologists have found remains of papers that were plastered to the walls of ancient markets to display prices of goods.

R. Stanton Avery is credited with creating the first self-adhesive sticker in 1935. Using a $100 loan from his then-fiancΓ© Dorothy Durfee, and combining used machine parts with a saber saw, he created and patented the world’s first self-adhesive (also called pressure sensitive) die-cut labeling machine.

Celestial Moon Sisters Fantasy Abstract Art Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/aiy5odc3?rf=238057244488407129
Silver gray hair women art portraits collage sheet sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/a39ndcyv?rf=238057244488407129
Surreal Cyborg robot Woman Space Fantasy Sci Fi Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/autbdvtn?rf=238057244488407129
Vampire Fangs Teeth Halloween Horror art Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/pz5chupr?rf=238057244488407129

Witches Witchcraft magic Tools Collage sheet Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/aoycqudw?rf=238057244488407129
Jesus Christ Thorn Crown Vintage Art painting Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/a84zdbxr?rf=238057244488407129
Dollys great Escape Original Digital Toy Ghost Art Rectangular Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/oinm2wsu?rf=238057244488407129
Angel Wings Art clipart Fantasy Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/m2qj7ovf?rf=238057244488407129
Gothic dolls faces original Big eye Girls art Sticker https://www.zazzle.com/z/a0i7yb08?rf=238057244488407129

Going Gray and loving it

I started going gray in my 30s. It comes from my fathers side of the family. They all went gray in their 30s and everyone dyed their hair even my father. By the time I was in my 40s my hair was about 70 % white and now that Im in my 50s Its all white. Ive been dying my hair ever since i was in my 30s cause I felt Like i had to so i would look younger. But nobody told me this, it was something I made myself believe. Probably because I never saw any women with silver hair so I had no inspiration like i do now. I never even gave myself a chance to see what I would actually look like if I had let it all grow out. I have dyed my hair and bleached it so many times, Fry-ed it a few times and finally in my 50s I finally decided it’s enough.

I’ll admit I was inspired by so many beautiful women on youtube and instagram who let their grays grow and who look absolutely stunning and even look younger and even more importantly more free and happier. Im so glad that women are changing the way they think about getting older and having gray hair. WE are taking control of our own lives and ways of thinking and no longer being brainwashed by society and beauty product companies. WE know just because we get older our lives aren’t over. We are just getting started to really live our best lives. Embracing and loving ourselves.

3 months ago when I last dyed my hair
3 months of no dye and my natural silver hair

It has been nice not having to dye it every 2 weeks. It saves me money and time. I hated feeling like Before I go anywhere, or do anything or go to any special occasion I better dye my hair. Lots of times I would just wear a cute hat to cover it up cause i just didn’t want to dye my hair. Now its finally growing out my friends and family were shocked how white my natural color is. But in a good way. I have not gotten any negativity at all about it. In fact they have been more excited than me to watch my transition lol

Even my own mother said my hair is such a beautiful color of silver. She said “lots of women spend big bucks to get it that color and yours is coming in naturally lucky girl :)” And I have gotten quite a few compliments from people when I go out shopping.

I noticed now that I have stopped dying it, it’s getting healthier and thicker. Alot less breaking from all the chemicals. And to be honest I worry about using those chemicals in dye and what the long term affects will be. Im alot happier not putting the pressure on myself to dye my hair. I mean lets be honest i made myself believe i needed to dye my hair nobody else did. Im excited to see what it will look like all grown out. If i don’t like it I’ll probably dye it back to dark brown. And taking a break from the chemicals is always a good idea so not dying it for awhile is a good thing. But no matter what I do. It will be because I want to and not because what others may or may not think. But I have a feeling Im going to love it πŸ™‚

Selling on Bonanza, The Ebay, Etsy And Amazon Alternative

Bonanza is a good place to set up a shop because its free to list and you only pay a fee when you sell something. Its very easy to list your items and you can still accept Paypal as a payment on Bonanza. I also like that Bonanza does not constantly change everything on their site so no unwanted surprises Like Etsy and ebay.

You do have to bring your own traffic to your Bonanza shop or you can use their advertising and pay a higher fee percentage when you sell something. Its totally up to you on how you want to get your shop found. You can sell almost anything on Bonanza but they do have some that is prohibited just like Ebay and Amazon. And you can list up to 75,000 items. So you can list lots of products on Bonanza.

The only downside is I wish they would get rid of bad sellers. There tend to be sellers on Bonanza with lots of negative feedback which ruins it for the rest of us honest sellers on Bonanza. That detours customers from wanting to buy on Bonanza because they think all sellers on there are like that. It ruins the integrity of the site.

If you are going to make a purchase on Bonanza look at sellers feedback and also send sellers a message to make sure its not a dead shop you are buying from. There are some great and honest sellers on there but just like all the others sites you have to take the time to look at the sellers reputations so you can find them. So when you find the good ones it is worth it to buy on Bonanza πŸ™‚

Although Bonanza is not as well known as Ebay, Etsy Or Amazon it is a good alternative to have a place to list your items and not have to constantly pay relisting fees which ends up taking a huge chunk of your profits when you do finally sell something. Since its free to list on Bonanza you cant lose so why not give it try πŸ™‚

Halloween Is Coming ARe You Ready

Cant believe summer is over and it’s already almost Halloween. Times goes by so fast and I never seem to get done all the things I want to do. Every Halloween I always say “this year I’m dressing up and going out and having a good time”. Unfortunately it never seems to happen. I can never get a costume going in time and with this pandemic unfortunately there isn’t much going on when Halloween does gets here. Its kind of sad cause it’s my favorite Holiday. It was so much easier to get into the Holidays when my kids were young cause I had a reason to make all the Holidays special and fun. I wish I could get back into that mentality for myself. Guess I’ll have to do these things for my own inner child to get motivated lol That being said here is some of my spooky art I created.

Gothic Circus Clown girl

Zombie Girl In graveyard
Christmas Day Of The Dead Girl
Spooky Zombie Alice in Wonderland
Creepy Pumpkin Demon Face
Little Boy with Jacko Lantern
Happy Moon and Pumpkin head girl
Sexy Monster Girls
Little Witch Girl and Spooky friends

Jacko lantern Couple
Big Eyed Cat girl
Little Boy and boogie man
Vampire woman on the prowl
The Man Eater
Mr Hide

Scarecrow Demon In the underworld
Circus freaks
She devil

The Christmas Spell
Little Witches First Halloween flight
Little witch girl and black cat
Bored Teenager witch
Little Girl In Witch Costume and black cat
Gothic Red Teen Witch
Witch Black Cat
Cupid and Demon Child Celebrating Halloween
Children ready for Halloween


Original Aceo Art trading Cards

This is some of the aceo art trading cards I painted and drew over the years, The coolest thing about aceos is they are small works of art that dont take up alot of room. Its a great way to collect art. You can put them in a little frame on a desk or keep them in photo or baseball card album πŸ™‚

Flower petals Abstract Painting
The Great Beyond Abstract Art
Black Gears Abstract Art
Surreal Life Abstract ink drawing
Surreal Man Abstract drawing
2 little Love birds colored pencil drawing
Cat Playing Fiddle and Dancing
Married Cat Couple Out For A stroll
Old Dog Fishing
Girl and Puppy Dog Listening To Music
Miss Kittys New Dress
Traveling Man And His Dogs
Beautiful Brown Eye
Love In Her eyes
Goddess Of the Ocean
All Is Well In The Universe
Peace In The universe